Sussex Sauce Company

Brief Responsive website from supplied visuals
Work Code, Html, CSS, JS
Client Stonefern Design / Sussex Sauce Company

The Sussex Sauce Company is an innovative new condiments business that was launching on Kickstarter and needed branding and a website to support the campaign. We were commissioned to code up the visuals provided by Stonefern Design in West Sussex who had crafted the branding and supplied single device visuals for the website. The brief was for a site that was fully responsive, fast to load and technically optimised for SEO.

The company logo, used extensively in the design, presented an interesting challenge as it featured a thin stroke weight that could easily look 'soft' at small sizes or when presented on high quality screens found on the latest devices. This was overcome by recreating the graphics in SVG format which is vector based, and will look sharp no matter what size and screen resolution. This makes the site look beautifully sharp on Retina displays.

Digital Forest

The Kickstarter campaign did prove to be a great success and was fully funded. The initial product offering - Rich Pepper Sauce - is now going into production to be available in the first quarter of 2019. It is great to be a part of a startup and we are excited to see where this one goes! and of course get our hands on some of the product!

As production increases and the product range expands, hopefully in the coming year we will be looking to add ecommerce facilities to the website and grow the reach of the audience through online marketing and SEO, building on the great start the company has made through the crowd funding campaign.

Digital Forest

Digital Forest

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