About Us

Our aim is always to build strong, transparent, ongoing relationships with our clients - we’re less like a third party agency and much more like a member of your team.

Who We Are

Digital Forest Interactive is a Website consultancy with genuine passion for web design and online success. With more than twenty years experience, we have deployed dynamic websites and applications for both public and private organisations of all sizes. But that doesn’t mean that we’re resting on our laurels! Quite the reverse; we’ve listened and learned how client needs have changed over the years and our company has evolved accordingly to ensure that we are best placed to provide the kind of service that our clients deserve.

Greater than the sum of its parts…

Based in Farnham, Surrey, Digital Forest is headed by Roger Peatling with a small, collaborative network of trusted professionals who can be called upon as and when required for each project.

The benefits of this business model are huge. For us, it means that our team is entirely scalable and comprised of incredibly talented individuals who share a passion for great design, development and marketing whilst still keeping our overheads low. For you, it means that we can provide fair, transparent pricing and absolute confidence that we’ll get the job done.

We think small really is beautiful. It means that we can focus entirely on our clients to provide a personal, straightforward service, underpinned by the security of world class, large-scale hosting and development from our specialist partners.

What We Do

Things have moved on in a very short space of time and having a corporate presence online isn’t just about having a website anymore - it’s about having an Online Strategy. Yes - definitely - you need a great-looking website and rest assured, we know a thing or two about those! But beyond that, there’s all the ‘stuff’ that needs to happen behind the scenes to ensure that your website is actually working for you. Yes, the site is built and it looks amazing- but now what?

Attention to detail...

Does your website offer the services that discerning online customers have come to expect?

Is it optimised for search engines so that yours is the site people see first when they type keywords into Google (other search engines are available!). Are you promoting your organisation effectively via social media? Do you have the tools to know how effective all of this is? We know that it can all seem a daunting prospect at first, which is why Digital Forest offer a range of services to help you establish your own strategy from the ground up. From web design and build through to SEO services and digital marketing - we’re here to help every step of the way

How We Do It

We start by listening. What do you need to achieve and how would you like to achieve it? Whether you need a brand new website designed from scratch, or whether you have an existing site that needs to be extended - or perhaps you’re not really sure but you know you need to completely re-think your organisation’s online strategy. Whatever the project, we listen to your ideas and your requirements and then we help you to make the right decisions.

It’s not you, it’s me…

In our experience, people are no longer so keen to hand over their online development to a remote agency with little input until the project is finished.

Our clients want to know who they’re working with and they want to be involved. They want a relationship. At Digital Forest, we’re not afraid of commitment - in fact we thrive on it. Our aim is always to build strong, transparent, ongoing relationships with our clients - we’re less like a third party agency and much more like a member of your team.

Our approach is entirely flexible and we work in a way that suits you. It’s important for us to know our clients because a website is a reflection of you - but we can still work alongside incumbent agencies and third parties if required (we always play nicely!).

Get in touch. Find out how we can help you...