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Brief Responsive Re-design
Work Design and Build
Client CE Hall Optometrists

CE Hall Optometrists are privately owned Optometrists and Ophthalmic opticians based in Surrey. They have long history of serving the local community and a fine reputation for personal service. It was important that these factors were communicated in the new site design, so we opted to use photography of the traditional Store front from their property in Farnham which had many traditional features and was located on a prestigious shopping street in the Surrey Town.

Using their existing brand colours we developed a clean and modern responsive site design that, whilst 'on trend' would not be too minimalist or edgy to alienate older users. It also had to showcase some of the latest frames and eye-ware that are available in store, which was done by featuring them on the front page. This also allowed for the possibility of linking this featured products section to a product catalogue in the future.

Digital Forest

Since the business is based around a physical location it was important that contact details where easily found 'above the fold' so we opted for adding these to the site header so they were readily available across the whole site and on mobile devices too which a one click to call or email.

A live Goole maps integration allowed users to be able to interact with the map included lower down the home page. Users can zoom in and out to find the location and parking and click to open the full Google maps functionality in a new browser tab.

Digital Forest

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