9-20am UX and UI

Brief UX and UI Design
Work Visual Design, Prototyping, HTML and CSS
Client Smart Giraffe Research Ltd

9-20am is a SaaS based dash-boarding tool for business marketing data. Based on a timeline with a detailed breakdown of marketing budget and actual spend, the data feeds from a variety of external sources, are shown across the same linear timebase allowing easy correlation observations and and deeper understanding of how marketing activities affect web traffic, social engagement or conversions.

With a unique presentation concept, the user interface design was a challenge. The key was to find a way of presenting multiple streams of data in an intuitive and visually attractive interface, whilst allowing the user to add financial data directly in the dashboard in a similar manner to a spreadsheet.

Digital Forest

Every aspect of the interface, from the original UX concepts and sketching to the individual icons where designed from scratch, in what was one of the broadest UI/UX projects we have worked on.

The Platform was developed in .net as a an SPA, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

As well as the product UX/UI design we also designed and built the main marketing website using Statamic as the website CMS. this included several custom graphics and illustrations (including the animated loading image) we also compiled and edited a broadcast quality product promotional video.

animated graphics

Digital Forest

Digital Forest