Brief Ecommerce website from supplied visuals
Work Integration and Code
Client Protong

Protong are a Premium Biltong manufacturer in the UK. As an avid fan of their products we have always enjoyed working with them! We originally partnered with Stonefern design to create a small static website when they Protong first launched.

We then added a SnipCart integration to allow for simple purchasing online. As the business has grown we were please to be able to then take the Protong website to the next level by migrating the site to our full ecommerce platform, MerchantWorks.

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The migration to MerchantWorks has enabled Protong to not only handle a higher volume of orders more efficiently, but to also future proof the business with the ability to add advanced commerce features such as subscription sales, bulk discounts and European VAT handling.

If you are either a fan of Biltong or have never tried it, we would suggest giving Protong a try. They are one of the only manufacturers that use both grass fed beef and totally natural ingredients in the production of their premium biltong.

Digital Forest

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“Wow!! This is looking amazing - what a HUGE step up from the current site - Thank you so much! To say I've got a big cheesy grin on my face is an understatement!”

Glen Sinclair, Protong CEO