Web Design Farnham – Taking Security Seriously

Web design Farnham based agencies understand the importance of security for your website. Security is one aspect that you cannot afford to ignore when setting up online. Whether you are taking payments or storing personal details, making a mistake here can have serious consequences for you and your visitors.

One of the worst things that can happen is to have your website hacked and customers’ details stolen. Ensuring that you take security seriously significantly reduces the risk of this happening. When considering the safety of your site, it is important to look beyond the obvious; and that is where a web designer Surrey based comes in very useful. The importance of encryption for payment processes is well documented. However, there are other ways to protect your website and your customers’ details. Firstly, it is important to keep your software up to date. This applies to your website hosting system as much as it does any software you run. This is one aspect that your web design Surrey based consultant will check during their initial audit of your site. The wording on parts of your website is also important, particularly in relation to errors. One potential way for individuals to gain access to secure areas is through the login screen. For example, if your error message states whether the user name or password was wrong, then someone trying to illegally gain access will know which piece of information they got right. Substituting a message that states that either the username or password is wrong means they have much more work to do.

At Digital Forest Interactive, we understand how important security is to you. As part of our web design Farnham wide, we ensure that your customers can have faith in your site’s security. Learn more at http://www.digitalforest.co.uk/ or call on 01252 758312 with any questions you may have.