Web Agency Surrey – Knowing The Importance Of Good Design

Web agency Surrey wide: an online search will give an impossible number of results for this search term. Knowing how to narrow your choices to the one agency that is right for you can save you a lot of time and effort. One key thing to look for is an understanding of good design.

Good design can mean different things to different people; but at its heart, it is about usability and accessibility. If your website does not achieve these two elements, then nothing else on there really matters. A web designer Surrey based needs to be able to create a website that does not need a computer science degree to operate it. This is true both from your point of view for updating it and from the visitors’ point of view for navigating their way around the site. Usability refers to the simple things such as menus that make sense, pages that have headings that describe what is actually on that page, and fonts and colours that are readable. It also takes into consideration load time, link stability and logical page order. A web design Surrey based consultant also needs to show an understanding of accessibility. Can your website be accessed by its intended audience, regardless of their skill level or ability? Can it be accessed on mobile devices, or does it lose cohesion if not on a standard desk top? Failing to take any of these points into consideration will have larger consequences as people stop visiting and stop recommending your website.

Getting the basics right is at the heart of our approach at Digital Forest Interactive. Our website, http://www.digitalforest.co.uk/, acts as our showcase of good design and is the minimum standard we aim for in all our work. If you would like to book a face to face meeting with the top web agency Surrey wide, call today on 01252 758312.