Trouble shooting email issues

The following points might help you in troubleshooting your email settings when using Adobe Business Catalyst email or our Rackspace mail service

  1. Check your email settings for the account (obvious but this is where most of the issues occur!)
  2. Make sure you SMTP server authentication is turned on and uses the same username and password as your incoming server ( unless otherwise directed)
  3. Toggle the SSL on/off in the account settings in outlook to see if that makes a difference - so turn it on and try send and receive, then turn it off and try send and receive!
  4. Failing that if you are receiving mail but not able to send with the same settings then it may be your ISP blocking sending - some ISPs require you to inform them of a custom domain you are sending from so they can allow it - this is to stop people sending spam, so your next stop may need to be a call to you ISP...
  5. It is important to actually test your outgoing mail even if the Outlook test doesn't pass, Outlooks little test procedure it runs can give false reading some times..