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What effects shopping cart Abandonment Rates (and what to do about it!)

The Amount is the total value of the potential orders for that date

The Quantity is the amount of sessions that went to the cart and were then abandoned
Obviously the Amount can vary depending on the the contents of the cart so it is difficult to see trends as such in the amount - but it is important as an indicator of potential revenue
The Quantity is obviously important - but this also has to relate to you traffic, so if you traffic increases - so might the quantity of abandonments - but the abandon rate may stay the same.
Abandons happen due to the following:
  • Customers adding items to the cart and then wondering offsite and the cart session timing out
    • Solution - make sure you don’t have too many off site links or are distracting the shopping experience with content that encourage users to wander off!
  • Customers using the carts in comparison shopping - users basically have several sites open - add all the product to the cart to get the subtotal with shipping and then only buy from the cheapest seller!
    • Solution - make sure you pricing is competitive so you are the site the choose to proceed with...
  • Loss of confidence in the site, something about the design or the site put the user off
    • Solution - make sure the site has a professional design and coded to standards, keep up with modern design trends and formats such as SSL in the registration pages, responsive design etc… Make sure products photos are professional and allow full view of the products so the custom knows what they are getting
  • User can’t proceed - an issue with the forms or credit cards
    • Solution - test the site regularly from a user perspective to make sure it is streamlined and ask for as little information as required in the registration pages. Monitor third man checks as this has been proved to increase abandon rates.
Your abandons have been going up, but so has your traffic… you may need to work out if the rate is staying the same or is increasing - a cursory look does suggest that the abandon rate may have increased over the last 6 months…
In my view the site is looking a lot ‘busier’ and less professional with some of the design changes and use of colours - sorry I am not trying to be critical just trying to give you some feedback!
  • the dotted lines at the bottom have been removed, this was an important feature of Mel's design
  • new colours introduced which are off palette - the blue and green… whilst I understand the original colour palette was very mild - I think we would do better to go back to Mel and get her to brighten things up a bit within the context of the original design if you think it needs stronger colours
  • design styles like the ribbon behind the cart don’t fit with the original mechanisms Mel had created
  • The colour consistency of some of the photos is a little off… this will undermine the users confidence. Ideally each colour way of product photos should be shot in the same lighting environment and camera in the same sitting - and colour match when taken - it is very difficult to convincingly change this after the shoot...