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Tesco traffic figures

One of the most useful information in understanding the online environment is knowing what traffic other sites get, however most sites don’t reveal this information publicly, and ‘guestimate’ traffic figures from the the likes of Hitwise and Experian can offer differ dramatically .
This being the case we are going to try and post site traffic figures when we get the information direct from the company. We will state the sources at the time, and the accuracy of the stats will obviously depend on the source – you can assess that yourself, but this will give you some excellent benchmarking figures. recently let slip on a Dragons Den follow up program that their total site traffic was in the region of 2.7 million a week, with the grocery site alone getting .5 million visitors a week. It wasn’t clear if this was unique visitors.
Based on the date of the program we presume these figures were in 2009-2010