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18 Twitter Promotion Ideas

Twitter is fast becoming an essential tool for businesses and whilst Facebook has it's detractors Twitter has widely become another everyday communication technology like email and telephone.

We would strongly advise that you have a company Twitter account even if you don't have a lot of resources to throw at it... 

First step is to create a twitter account with a url related to your business. Make sure that your business or website name included in it. For example

  1. Personalise you profile colours to suit you brand - talk to us about designing a page background for you so you can reinforce you brand image.
  2. Add your corporate business website URL in profile, so that visitors can access your site and are regularly aware of it.
  3. Promote your twitter account by adding twitter links on your websites, email signatures, customers newsletter etc.
  4. Do not forget to include your brand or company name as the title of your profile.
  5. Select keywords related to your business and add it with your tweets using the “#” symbol before it.
  6. Use your keyword in the first 30 characters of your tweet which will be easily track by Googles real time search engine.
  7. Add your important keywords of your business and include them in your “bio” section of your profile.
  8. Find your targeted audience based on their interests - this is a vital part of promoting your business with Twitter.
  9. Use free Twitter directories like Twellow and JustTweetIt to find your targeted audience by category and start to follow them.
  10. Follow the influencers related to your business or industry which will keep you up to date with industry news.
  11. Use a collaborative tweeting tool like – you can make conversation using this tool. which can bring more exposure to your business.
  12. Post tweets about useful links, resources, images, infographicss etc related to your business.
  13. Search topics related to your business and talk to influencers on Twitter.
  14. Send direct message to the people about your product or service. Be cautious about how often you do this to any one person!
  15. Post new product photos on
  16. Increase sales using twitter by giving special offers and coupons to your followers. (you can use Twtqpon to distribute a coupon via twitter)
  17. Send offers to your followers using a twitter bulk message sending application. Before sending direct messages make sure they are relevant and targeted.
  18. If you have multiple Twitter accounts then you can use a twitter profile management tool like Hootsuite to manage them.