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Sample Press Release and guidance for writing your own releases

Here is a Sample Press release for all those of you who wanting to write your own releases - this is an essential guide to follow to make sure the release isn't rejected and is formatted in the way the News Wires like it!

Every Press release should have a heading - title... and then a two to three line summary... we have included the full outline of what is required below...

Sample Press Release

When submitting a press release it is important to use the right format otherwise it may be rejected.


Headline Is in Title Case: You Capitalize Every Word Except for Prepositions. Keep the Headline Short; Ideally it Should Not Be More Than 170 Characters and Has No Full Stops

The summary paragraph is an outline of the release in normal sentence form. It shouldn't repeat the headline or opening paragraph. It should tell the story in a different way. The summary paragraph is mandatory at most News Wires.

Town/City, Country (NewsWire Name) Month 1, 2012  -- The first paragraph know as the "lead" should contain the most important information. You need to get your reader's attention. Don't assume that they have read the headline or summary paragraph; the lead should stand on its own.

A press release, like a news story, should keep sentences and paragraphs short, about three or four lines per paragraph. The first couple of paragraphs must cover the who, what, when, where, why and how questions.

The remainder of the news release expands on the information provided in the lead paragraph. It should include quotes from key staff, customers or topical experts. It should contain more detail about the news you have to tell, which could be about something unique or controversial or about a prominent person, place or thing.

"You should include a quote for that human touch" said Gary Sims, CEO of the Free Press Release Center. "And you should use the last paragraph to restate and summarize the key points."

The last paragraph should also include details on product availability, trademark acknowledgements, etc.

About Your Company name:

Include a short corporate background about the company or the person who is newsworthy before you list the contact person's name and phone number. Do not include e-mail addresses in the body of the press release. Your e-mail address goes only in the "Contact Email" box when you submit your press release. To stop spam, your address should not appear on the site, but rather people should be able to contact you via a special contact link displayed with your press release by the News wire service.


First Name Last Name, Job Title
Company Name
+44 10234-2222345



Formatting your press release

Mixed case
Never write your press release in all UPPER CASE LETTERS. Your release will not be approved by the news editors and if it was, it would most likely be ignored by journalists.

Check your spelling
Any errors in spelling and grammar will lower the credibility of your release.

Don't include HTML or other markup languages in your press release.

Make sure it is long enough
There is a minimum of 250 words at most News Wires, if your press release is shorter then it probably isn't newsworthy.

If you would like any assistance in writing Press releases you can engage a journalist to write the release for you. Please contact us if you would like further information