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Finding Free images for your blog

Having great images with your posts provides a much more compelling blog but I am afraid just cropping or recompressing the images you 'borrowed' from the google search results, isn't enough to remove the copyright! It is ILLEGAL and will cost you a lot more than stock license fees if you get caught.

Free images for your blogYou are not allowed to use images from other websites without express permission - even if they are cropped, compressed or used as part of another larger image.

There are a couple of ways you can get images for blogs for free:

Free Stock Sites:
There are a few stock sites that have free images ( Do check the license as some sites also have paid images):
Morgue File
Free Digital
Stock Vault
Image * After

Photopin provides a search engine for photos listed on Flickr that are under creative commons license and can be used on blogs.

Creative Commons Search:

Taking the Photopin idea a little further, Creative has its own search engine for creative commons attributed content.

Build your own library:
You can also build up your own library of images that are made available by commercial stock companies. Many have 'free image of the day' or other incentives - over time you can build up you own library of images to use in blog posts!


Search more on Google!

Believe it or not Google actually provides search filters to allow you to search by usage rights: Read their article here Just do check the license is actually free to use before going for it!

Use Getty 'embed'
A new option that has recently become available is Getty Images 'embed' tool This allows you to use Getty's huge library of profesional stock images free of charge - however there will be the use of data and possibly advertising that goes with these images in the future - so it isn't quite so 'free'! the image embedded has an additional Getty logo and social sharing links (for Getty Images - not your blog post!): Getty Images