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Embedding a Youtube video in Business Catalyst

Adding a video to you site is easy to do when using You tube. You simply need to get the You Tube embed code from the page you video is hosted on on You tube and add it to Business Catalyst in the following way:

  1. create a new content holder (Admin > site manager > contet holders) - call it the video name or something you can remember it by...
  2. in the WYSIWYG editor click on the HTML tab at the bottom of the editor panel
  3. paste the embed code you got from you tubes share panel
  4. save the content holder..

Next go to the page you want to edit - In the editor window put the cursor where you want the video to appear and then click the Add Modules button above the editor

In the tool box that appears to the right of the editor click on > Site modules > Content Holders - choose the content holder and click insert...

Save the page and you should be done...

Inserting the video via a content holder means you don't have to scroll through HTML code on the page itself to insert the code... ;-)