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UK based online Backup providers

Are you backing up your computer? Despite the amount of important data we hold on our computers - both business and personal - the shocking reality is that even in this day and age there are many people that don’t backup their data at all. Backing up to a local external drive is a start - and if you are on a Mac then Time Machine is a great tool for doing just that. But local backups only really protect you from system failures, if you ever have the misfortune to be burgled or your house to go up in flames then your external drive is likely to be lost as well. This is when offsite backups come into their own. Thankfully with our modern fast internet connections dropping off an external drive to your parents in law every week is no longer required! There is now a myriad of online backup providers that will allow you to seamlessly backup your system to 'the cloud' in the background, giving you ultimate peace of mind.    Read more...