SEO In Surrey – Updating Your Website

SEO in Surrey: if you are a Surrey based business or organisation looking to improve your online presence, then you need to start by looking at your website. Any search engine optimisation or web design agency that you approach will highlight the importance of an up to date website. But what does this mean?

There are two important, and not entirely distinct, elements to your website. One is the design, and the other is the content. Both need to be current and fresh, but does this mean you should be constantly changing everything on your website? The short answer is no. Nothing should be changed without first knowing whether it needs changing. The key to this is testing and auditing. If testing shows that elements of your design are not user friendly or are simply not attracting users, then these elements need to be changed and retested. Finding a web design Surrey based agency to complete a technical audit of your website is an ideal starting place for this process. In terms of content, a similar approach is required. If pages are no longer driving traffic, then they need removing and replaced where necessary. News and blogs should be kept current, of course. If the details held on a page are no longer accurate, for example you have moved your office, hired new staff or changed your contact details, then these changes should be made immediately. Working with your SEO Surrey based professional will streamline this process and should highlight that change for the sake of change is pointless and could put visitors off because of the lack of continuity.

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