SEO Farnham – Keeping Things Simple

SEO Farnham based agencies know how important your website is to you. It is often the first point of contact that people have with you. For that reason, it can be tempting to add as much as possible to your site to make it stand out from the crowd. However, that can be a mistake.

When designing your website, your web design Surrey wide consultants’ watch word is likely to be simplicity. This should not be mistaken for dull or boring. It is possible to have an exciting website while keeping things simple. The main reason to go for ‘simple’ is load times. The longer your site takes to load, the more frustrated your visitor is going to be; and if it takes too long, they are likely to give up. Some of the elements your SEO Surrey based agency is likely to suggest removing will include Flash animation, fancy cursors, music and moving text. These add nothing to your website and can be distracting for your visitors. You want your visitors to be focused on achieving their goal, and thereby achieving yours, whether this is buying a product, signing up for a newsletter or joining your cause. Take the same approach to the design of each page. Keep descriptions brief, write in small segments that are easily scanned by the visitor and try to avoid long lists that require lots of scrolling. It easy to get lost with continuous scrolling, and it gets monotonous. It is better to use smart navigation and shorter pages. If everything is correctly signposted, you and your visitors are much more likely to achieve your goals with this approach.

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