SEO Consultant Hampshire – Writing The Perfect Press Release

SEO consultant Hampshire based: such a company is an essential part of getting your online presence right. A digital marketing agency will be able to spot opportunities you are missing and advise you on how best to take advantage of them. This may include using press releases.

The press release is often overlooked in a world where social media seems to be the preferred platform for breaking news. However, it still has a role to play in getting your latest innovations and progress to the people that matter. Whether you choose a web design Surrey wide agency to write it for you or use your own in-house team, knowing the basics is important. Just as with any piece of writing, an attention-grabbing headline is essential in a press release. It needs to hold the key facts and be engaging. Remember that a press release is aimed at journalists who will hopefully take the key message and share it forward. For this reason, it is important that the first paragraph contains all the key points. You don’t need lots of details here, just the important points. The details and the supporting facts will be included by you or your SEO Hampshire based agency in the subsequent paragraphs. Your press release should include hard facts and numbers that back up any claims that you are making; and, where possible, it should also include quotes from someone involved in your business. This adds further weight to any claims you are making. Finally, ensure that your contact details are included, so information can be followed up by the journalists reading the release.

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