SEO Company Surrey – Using Images With A Purpose

SEO company Surrey based is your support in the world of search engine optimisation and website design. One thing they will look at closely is how engaging your website is to visitors. While great images play an important part in this, choosing the wrong images could do your reputation more harm than good.

Images add visual appeal and bring words to life. However, it isn’t enough to pepper your site with random images and hope for the best. The images you use must have purpose. A photo or image may serve one or several purposes on your page, but if it doesn’t fit at least one of the following categories then it shouldn’t be there. Firstly, does the image showcase your product or service in a positive way? If not, then your web design Surrey based consultant is likely to remove it. No image is better than a negative one. Alternatively, does the image illustrate the point that your written content is trying to make? If it doesn’t, then it may just serve to confuse your visitors. Emotional appeal is a further way in which an image may serve a purpose. Does it make the viewer want to be the happy person in the picture whose life is better for owning or using your product? SEO Surrey wide professionals will be quick to remove images that do not achieve this; or worse still, give the opposite view of your product. If your image doesn’t fit any of these purposes, does it at least relate to your brand? One of the worst things you can do is unintentionally support another brand with your image use.

At Digital Forest Interactive, we will consider the purpose of any image used on your website. Part of our role as an expert SEO company Surrey wide is to ensure that your images portray your intended message to your visitors, and in doing this improve your sales. To see how we can help you, visit today.