SEO Companies In Surrey – Hardy Homepage Tips

SEO companies in Surrey offer more than lists of the keywords you should be using. Depending on your needs, they can create stunning websites, build social media feeds and support your entire online strategy. But, they are also there for those who just want a push in the right direction, and that can include designing an effective homepage.

Your homepage is the window to the soul of your website. On average, you have eight seconds to convince your visitor to stay on your site once they are there. It is not a lot of time, but it is enough if your homepage contains the right information and is arranged logically. Whether you create your own or use the services of a web design Surrey wide agency, your homepage needs to contain all your key information in brief. It should capture the interest and imagination of the visitor so that they feel the need to explore further. This should include a little about your company and the main products or services that you offer. Key news and upcoming events can also be on the homepage, again in brief with links to the full stories. When adding recent news however, it is important to ensure that it is updated regularly, otherwise your website will look uncared for. Your website homepage is a place to be bold and this means adding a call to action button to push the visitor towards the action you want them to take while on your site. Lastly, remember that all of this will need to be previewed and tested with your SEO Surrey based consultant before it goes live.

Whether you are looking for a full marketing plan or recommendations and advice on setting up your website, we can help. As one of the top SEO companies in Surrey, at Digital Forest Interactive we have the skills and experience that your website homepage needs to succeed. For details on our review and training options visit