Hampshire SEO Consultant – What Does A Consultant Do?

Hampshire SEO consultant - have you ever wondered exactly what one does? It may be easier and quicker to list what they don’t do! In short, an SEO consultant helps your company improve its visibility online and improves your return on investment. However, there are many strands to achieving that goal.

One of the first things any SEO Hampshire based consultant will do is get to know your company. They will want to know your business plan, your long and short term goals, your strengths and your weaknesses. From this, they will be able to see where you need help and what services they can provide that will best support you. If you don’t have an online presence already, then the consultant is working with a blank slate. The web design Surrey wide agency will get you set up and running in the right direction. This is likely to include setting up your website, getting you on social media and introducing you to the world of email marketing. If you already have an online presence, then their approach will be slightly different. They will most likely begin with an SEO audit. This will provide them with vital information about your search engine rankings and how they can be optimised. It will also highlight weaknesses within your digital marketing approach. Once identified, they can work with you on how best to proceed to reduce or remove the weaknesses and increase targeted traffic to your site. Other services may include keyword research, content creation, updating social media and writing press releases, to name but a few. But all this is dependent on the needs highlighted in the initial steps.

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