Hampshire SEO Agency – Learning About Links

Hampshire SEO agency support varies depending on your SEO needs and marketing experience. If you have a great content creation team, then this is not something you will need from a web design agency. However, if creative link writing is still an issue, then this is where the agency’s expertise will be valuable.

Links are invaluable to your business. They are how you get your visitors to go where you want them to be. Whether this is to the newsletter sign up page or to your product page, if the link isn’t enticing, then visitors won’t click on it. However, before you even worry about how to get the visitor to click, any web design Surrey based agency you approach will be concerned with whether the links work. Broken links reflect poorly on your marketing website, and therefore on your business. Links need to be checked and broken links fixed quickly. Once working, the focus of your SEO Hampshire based agency will be on the language used in the link itself; ‘click here’ may be obvious, but it leads to questions about why. The link needs, in just a few words, to tell the visitor why they should click, what they can expect from clicking and how it will improve their experience. One of the keys to writing a great link is to provide information that makes sense, even if it is read out of context. This self-contained gem will pique curiosity, and that is what encourages visitors to take you up on that offer.

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