Frequently Asked Questions

What can get my email campaign blocked by spam filters?

Top Phrases not to use!

There are a miriad of phrases used by some of the spam filters to trigger a block for your email campaign, here are a few (higher scores are worse!):

Obviously using terms that pertain to online pharmaceuticals and other general spam topics will get you flagged up in spam filters but also promotional terms  such as "free" can affect your score.

Other less obvious ones:

  • “extra inches” will score you 3.1 by spam assassin. 
  • “Dear” will get you 2.7 spam points in spam assissin.
  • “Stop Further Distribution” placed in your footer - instead of "unsubscribe' will get you 3.1 spam points!
  • “You registered with a partner” in the body text often flags that your email list is not opt in!
  • Tricks like writing F.R.E.E. don't fool latest generation of SPAM software! Don't use alternate characters or other tricks like L@@K At THIS!

Spam Assassin top attributes...

SPAM Assassin, a frequently used anti-SPAM application, publishes this list of SPAM attributes that it searches for:

  • Body of email incorporates a tracking ID number
  • Body of email contains a large block of hexadecimal code
  • Body of email contains one or more lines of "YELLING" (i.e., all-caps)
  • Email includes Microsoft executable program
  • Email body has at least 70 percent blank lines
  • Email header indicates message was sent directly from dynamic IP address
  • Email From field appears to not contain a real name
  • Email From field ends in numbers
  • Email header contains numbers mixed in with letters
  • Email subject includes the term "offer"
  • Email to: field contains spaces
  • Email Reply to field is empty
  • Subject has exclamation mark and question mark
  • Subject is ALL-CAPS
  • Email subject starts with an advertising tag
  • Email From: field contains the term "friend"
  • Subject contains "As Seen"
  • Subject starts with dollar amount
  • Subject contains "Double Your"
  • Subject contains "For Only"
  • Subject contains "FREE"
  • Subject contains "Free Instant"
  • Email contains excessive images without much text
  • Email body contains the term "nobody's perfect"
  • Email body claims not to be spam